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Just a vent

Okay so, my mom has been a helicopter parent from the stsrt. It definitely doesn't help that she's also homophobic, transphobic, AND a die hard Christian. Last year, I was in a really bad place mentally. I'd been forced out of the closet as pansexual, and my stepfather was worse than ever. He is a really angry man. However, he takes it out on us instead of going to a therapist. After resorting to cutting, my mother sent me to a mental hospital for a week. Also, I just came to terms with the fact that I'm non binary, so that's a whole other issue. The majority of what I have in my closet is overly feminized. Meaning I can't express myself. I feel trapped, lonely, and suffocated. I don't know what to do

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Re: Just a vent

Im sorry to hear.. it must be hard to not be able to express yourself freely. I am a bit scared to pitch an advice because I would not want to endanger you in anyway. however, I feel like you should try to express yourself. even though your mother is a strict christian, she should know that we are all created perfectly in Gods image (or from what I remember from church). I feel like the more you express yourself, and be yourself, the more she might understand that you are still you, and that nothing has changed. If you feel like your step-father is a danger to you or your family, I may suggest trying to build up video evidence that you can use to report to the police. he won't be in much trouble, Im assuming he may have a mental illness and will be forced into rehabilitation (anger management classes) or so. either way, I hope you can be yourself freely one day.

just wanted to start off by saying how sorry i am to read this. my parents are also homophobic and i was forced to come out to my mom as queer/pan when she wouldn't stop using slurs that really offended me. i haven't ever really focused on my gender identity, but i was born a female and i know i rather go by they/them pronouns and some days i feel like i am a boy and some days i feel like i am a girl (i am too scared to focus and figure that out) but when i feel more like a boy, i just wear more baggy, lose, clothes with a sports bra and maybe ill put my hair up so it feels short. that's what i sometimes do but of course it is different for everyone and i hope you find something that works.