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Just a write up. Poem or song whatever?

Maybe Someday

You would be yours

And not need someone to make you whole

Take off for trips

On your own

Might initially have a lot of slips

But learn to be happy Alone

For someone else to love you

To respect you,

You need to love you

Like a strong glue

Cause no matter what

You won't leave your side

Just note that

Even though the world around you 

is covered with blinds.

P.S. I'm not a writer or anything. Just rhyming words together. Positive criticism would be appreciated. And I don't have the guts yet to share it with the outside world.


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Re: Just a write up. Poem or song whatever?

It's Awesome! Great job on stepping out of comfort zones. I mean uff each stanza is something along the line of


So beautiful

Umhmmmm umhmmm

.....oh DAMNnnnn

Dude you rhymed And delivered a punch line(serious, emotional one)hats off.

I would love it of the 3rd stanza had a synonym or metaphor for glue tho🙃I would say it makes a break in the flow,but I just used umhmmmm(s) and ...(s) and off....soo yeah,feel free to ignore

Have a nice day !stay safe!keep at it😍