Just die already.

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I hate my younger brother. We used to believe he had ODD and that's why he always behaved like the antichrist but now we don't even know if that's the correct diagnosis at all. I'm angry and stressed all the time, it's so hard and painful to put up with him. My father is emotionally absent and my mother refuses to discipline him. God. I hate him so, so much. I wish he would die already, corona should do its job. I'll get a job and never come back.

I'm so hurt. I try to solve this shit all the time but no one cares. He just destroy as he pleases and even if I were to talk to a family member to help they'd accuse me of being a liar and that I'm making things up.

Family is just another excuse to meddle in your life and to hurt you without legal consequences. I'll never have my "own" (children or partner).