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Just getting it out of my head

I know some may agree and some may disagree with what I'm about to rant about, it's just me and my own personal opinion and thoughts. I cant put this out anywhere else unless risking to be harassed by friends and family and the Fact Police 🙄. We all have own views and opinions....

Recently I've been seeing more articles about the covid cure, im not against it but I'm not all for it either. I know there's been tests and trials and yes some articles have listed the side effects of the cure so we have a better understanding. I know so many will jump right away at it to get vaccinated and for some I get... but for me personally I'm still very hesitant.... I'd rather wait a bit to see the results even after several weeks or so before deciding to take it myself.

But the vaccine can react differently to people based on how their body reacts to it, plus even some saying (from the articles) you'll need a day or 2 to recover from the shot and they're aiming to give it to health care workers and those who are at high risk..... I'll say this dont give it to the workers all at once especially with the chance they'll need a few days to recover.... I'm sure they'll distribute it out smartly. Also just saying for me personally if I do end up getting it... I'm not looking forward to those side effects either plus however my body will react. (Unfortunately for me my body will react to severe high stress and flip out so to say or something major change.... something with my genetics cause all my aunts and mom have the same).

And just to finally add.... I am very tired of covid this and covid that. Hardly anything is good and fun or happy without covid being mentioned. And at times I feel they focus too much on the active cases vs the ones that recovered from covid before and after the vaccine. Yes covid isn't a joke tho I really don't want it to be our main focus halfway through next year. I'd rather end severe covid talk at the end of 2020 and start anew