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just help me

hey, whoever is reading this, i appreciate you for taking the time to. i am not good at expressing my emotions but here i am, hoping a stranger will help me since usually to my friends, i am the one who helps them. i have been struggling for a long time now, getting out of bed is like a chore, simply cleaning my room feels impossible. I have had trouble eating for a long time now and sleeping is hard as well. I hate this feeling, i have really been trying and putting up a "front" for people. No one properly understands and it feels like i am talking to thin air whenever i tell anyone even a bit of my problems. Everyone i let in, betrays me or hurts me and it gets really hard sometimes. It makes me begin to believe i am the problem since everyone leaves me, hurts me or breaks me. I am a strong person. I try my hardest not to be weak. I have been through my fair share of bad life experiences and it has made me stronger however for a while now, i am breaking down. I feel like people are starting to see me. The real me and i can't do it. It's scary and hard and i know the advice i would give myself but i can't seem to take it. I'm struggling a lot and i don't know what to do.

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  • I feel like the same as you. I am very sensitive and have been bullied so I tried to put a wall around my heart so I don't get hurt no more. I put up a facade so people don't know the true me not even my own parents. But my depression started to destroy my life and my school noticed it and I had to have therapy. Therapy helped me a lot and I think therapy will also help you too. I still find it hard to talk to my parents and people about my emotions but it helped me cope. I hope this helps a bit

The real you is you, there’s no changing that, but there are far worse things than being weak, you not wanting to be seen like that shows that you care enough about people in your life to stop and think about how you might affect them.It’s okay to be vulnerable and show your feelings to others it might even help, give it a shot and see what happens, if all else fails get yourself some skittles or whatever and have some alone time to think on what to do next.

Hi there. I understand everything you said in your post. I am the person to help the people in my group, but as soon as I have a problem it feels like no one is there anymore. Having hard times is not a sign of being weak, so just feel your feelings. About everything feeling like a chore, I know. I know how hard it is to get out of your bed, and some morning, it feels like something is keeping you down. Just know, take your time. Not everything can come easy, and feeling great is one of those things. Cleaning your room, might feel like something that is mandatory, but again, take your time. Life is long, and I just really hope things get better for you. Just know I believe in you, and am here for you anytime.