just leave me alone

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i just want my mom to LEAVE ME ALONE.

I'm the one raising her kids, making them lunch, babysitting at 8 in the morning when she feels the need to go and buy a pack of cigarettes, which apparently needs to take 30 minutes to get even though the gas stations are two minutes away, and she takes an hour to smoke them, usually because facebook or youtube gets her attention.

she yells at me for not being patient with my younger sister, and I'm sorry about it, but my sister just doesn't listen. i know kids at her age can be rebellious, but she doesn't listen to ANYBODY about anything. she's inappropriate and won't do the simplest things.

once my mom (who had been in her room for the past two hours) came out and SCREAMED at me for not having lunch made. it was 11:00. usually when I started to make lunch. so while i'm trying to make lunch, she's telling me all about how I screw up, I cant do anything right, I knew what time it was.

she's also FULLY aware I am extremely behind in schoolwork and I have less than a week left to do it, but she still leaves to her room and doesn't do anything.

i'm 12, and apparently that means my opinion doesn't matter. I've told her about how it's a problem, and my dad has too, but she get's mad and gets all defensive. what do I do?

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