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Just life

I don't know what to do with my life. I'm no 20 (I know right, immature, adolescent kid). I have an ambition, a ludicrous ambition.

I am trying my best to grasp it, but most of the time.. I feel all empty, I don't have anyone to talk or share my laugh with.

People might say that it's not necessary to have someone in your life. But, my former consultant said that I am that type of person who needs someone to at least talk with, and I am completely aware of that needs.

I am surrounded by people, a lot of them, they are what people called "friends" but I don't think so. I didn't cloister myself or some shit.. it's just.. it's not right,

I don't belong there. It's not like that have a trouble communicating or else, it's just that we're in a different world. I look very well in front of them, even too well.. just a relaxed student without things to mind. I am known to be that "talkative" student, they also called me a good listener.

I simply can't share my life with them, they would just laugh and spit on it.

I've been stuck for years since I was born in a weird "world". I might've killed people unconsciously, more likely to be said that I don't remember a single shit.

All stories told sounded like a fantasy.. but your conscience said the absolute different thing. Well.. past is past.. I've made my peace with it.

That's why.. I'm all lost right now.