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Just, listen please-?

I am a minor and i'm saying everything im saying is true. My brother is 17 right now and he has done horrible things to me that i wish to talk about. ive tried to talk too my Boyfriend but, its a sensitive topic he went threw too. im still going threw it but cant say, because it would tear my family apart and i dont want his life to be ruined.. i know, it shouldnt matter but it does because i hate him with a passion. Im a nonbinary (closeted non-binary) pansexual (not closeted) who has been threw a lot. i have ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Panic disorder (NOT THE SAME), and clinical depression all diagnosed multiple times. ive been caught drinking at 11 because it..it felt freeing okay? i dont do it anymore but, it was nice and i felt okay for an hour or so.. My aunt said it was fine and she gave me my first one actually. my mother knew but, once i said i liked it and had a second one it went downhill... My father does weed in his car and my mother is dying with a kidney infection, migraines, body pain, and sometimes she cant move. She has very bad anger issues and so does my siblings and me, but ive been taught to mask.. well, everything i guess. im a middle child and am always put on blame because i have three A's and three F's. i dont have a freeing method because i suppress everything i feel, because when i talk its pushed down and when i try ot come out I'm too young with anything i feel or do, im trapped here. I CANT HANDLE IT! IM SO FUCKING DONE!! i- i cant..

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Re: Just, listen please-?

My suggestion would be to find someone you trust, not on the internet but in real physical person to talk to about whats going on in your life. Have an open and honest discussion with them. School counselor would be my first choice. Remember what your going through right now is temporary, life will go on. Your young you will have plenty of opportunities in your life to correct any mistakes, overcome any difficulty just don't hold it in. Don't use things as a replacement for what you feel (alcohol, drugs, medication) they only mask the real you from learning and growing.

ik its hard but you really need to tell either the police or your parents or literally anyone about this so it can stop yeah ik his life will be ruined but that is not on you not in the slightest thats on him entirely and it would be better for everyone if this stopped because if it doesn't and you let him live his life whats to stop him from doing this to someone else i dont mean to sound pushy but for your own sake and for the sake of anyone who he might do this to in the future tell someone with authority about this