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just me complaining about everything

im so tired i hate having two jobs i wanna go home i hate being stuck in an office all day and i also hate my other job where i have to deal with stupid people my patience is running low im exhausted like really exhausted why is the money i earn never enough i have 2 jobs and it still isn't enough i cant even buy myself something nice without feeling guilty. Im tired and also tired of going home to a hot ass room the air conditioning sucks ass idk why my body hurts alot rn i think im sick sometimes i get scared to get cancer im just tired sometimes i just wanna die but sometimes its beause Im over everything im just tired i wanna sleep for many days straight just stay home and rest that is all

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5 months ago

Re: just me complaining about everything

Take a few days of rest , or Atleast when you come home from work ! Don’t feel guilty for trying to make your self happy !! And if you Still feel bad , put aside a small bit of your income ever pay check then on a few weeks / months buy youse sled something nice.