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The past few months have been total shit with my parents screaming(or most specifically my father). I am just a 16 year old currently on my own feeling stressed for my parents along with the constant worry over my younger siblings(yeah plural)! My mo's been in a shit load of debt and my dad's accusing her of things I can't even say. Ue does not care if there is an 11 year old child's online class going on or if the child is listening. He does not care if their eldest daugjter's result which are one of the mist important for her career just came out. The tubelinght's not working, who's fault is that? My mum's.. why? Cause she is a bad omen. My dad who us the only person that goes out of the house, might have come in contact with a covid positive person.. yeah.. whose fault is that? Of course my mum's cause she is a bad omen.. The fact that I haven't even talked to anyone to talk about how I feel makes me feel as if no one w0uld care and maybe they won't, I mean who wants to be a friend of an obese girl with toxic parents, daily dramas of mom trying to commit suicide, dad saying even worse to her and shit. So much happy that I spent my 16th birthday alone in my room coz my father was busy telling how my mum's just a maid for him now who gets paid through food and clothes. Yeah shit's been tough and I wish they would split up so at least we get a closure for the time being. My friends have been nothing to me and I don't think they care enoigh to even try to know what i am doing.

P.S- This was just for me to rant out my emotions and shit.. Don't sympathise we have enough relatives for that shit.