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Just need to Vent

Honestly I just need to get some stuff off of my chest, so feel free to just not read this....

Right now I am just feeling so useless and worthless. I am unable to work at the moment due to health problems and in the past I've been totally unsuccessful with any sort of jobs or education of any kind. Every time I've not been able to cope and I've had a meltdown. I can't get any joy out of anything, and I spend most of my days just rotting away in front of the tv. Even then, I have no enjoyment from shows or the like. All my friends are going back to work, going to uni and having a great time, making worth of their lives, and I just am either numb, or completely despairing and down. I want to be able to be normal, to go to uni and pursue some sort of life, I want to be able to get a job and get a house of my own, but right now everything just seems bleak and honestly i can't see past the next day most of the time. I honestly don't see me doing any of these things, hell, I don't see myself even getting past 30 for god's sake....

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Re: Just need to Vent

Yep. I started a homeless orphan. Ended up with elite job; giant house paid off( BMW; lots of money invested. Then a disease took it all away. Now I have nothing. My body so fucked up all I do is try not to die daily.