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Just need to vent for a min

Alright so basically not too long ago I had a boyfriend in England, I live in America and the whole time we were dating I was so scared of my mom finding out because she would give me the whole, “Meeting strangers is dangerous online” and shit like that. Then she would force to block him and act like he was never in my life, but I’m young can’t I be allowed a boyfriend or two? Just so I can have that sort of experience when I’m older, I trusted him, why can’t my mom trust me? not too long ago she found out, and forced me to tell her everything, but wanting to protect my own secret; I lied, and told her my friend had introduced me to him and that he lived on the other side of my city, and she believed me. Then she asked to speak to my friend and see if the story was true, I agreed and begged my friend to lie for me, lie like she never had before, but she said no, and told me I need to be honest with my mom. But still I wasn’t, my mom forgot about wanting to talk too my friend and I lied to my friend about saying I told the truth and everything was okay now. But, she’s an Internet best friend, and The lie I told about her to my mom was that she used to live in our city but moved, lately she’s been talking more and more about meeting up irl for the first time, I’m so scared my mom is going to bring up the lie I told and everything is going to come to light. I’m just so scared, my mom has done stuff like this before, forcing me to give up my secrets, she probably thinks I trust her but the truth is, she just pressures me into telling her, even when I say no, when I say I’m not ready, she sits and persists, I just want to feel like my secrets are my own for once. I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut off my Internet best friend soon so that my mom never finds out, but I don’t want too, nor do I know how too, I just found this website so idk if there’s a comment section or how anything really works but if anyone has suggestions please help me

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Re: Just need to vent for a min

Hey I understand that you feel like you wanna keep secrets on your own for once but maybe your mom just worries? The internet is a dangerous place even when taking the right precautions. Maybe try talking to your mom about it on how you feel I don't think she'd care if you had a internet best friend just explain to her it's kind of like a pen pal but it's easier online because you can actually call and talk to your friend. I think if you explained stuff it might be easier for her to understand fully. When it comes to dating online you need to actually find someone in real life online dating works in some cases but you still need to think about time zones, how busy they are, when to call, and stuff like that. You actually have to plan all of that out. You may trust him but she just cares that's probably not what you want to hear but it's the truth. When it comes to dating online if you're still going to do it you need to get a picture of them and face time them to make sure they're real. There are pedophiles out there and trust me they're good at hiding things. Hope all goes well <3