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im so glad i found this website. idk where else to turn to. i cant sign up anywhere new because my parents keep checking my emails. out of the blue my stepmom has been going through my facebook and email, trying to find my secret social medias (i cant have anything apart from gmail and facebook) (im 16) she tried entering this facebook group that im in, its for teen who are lgbtq and i just found out today because my friend is a mod, she said she denied her request, thankfully.... but thats not the point. today my stepmom found my self harm scars, my new ones and deeper ones, i told her i stopped around two years ago, i lied, i lied because my father threatened to beat me for it and to send me to a mental hospital,,, im so scared now, idk what to do, shes gonna tell my father, death is better than facing my father. im not allowed computer or my phone so im trying to write as quick as possible, english isnt my first language so sorry for the mistakes... i really wanna die,,, i miss my mom,, i really like listening to bjork, her voice is very pretty and calming, just a random fact, okay bye i have to go now

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