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Just some thoughts about sex.

I think people should do it more often, we get tied up with work/college making ends meet. We don't have much time for love and romance or for some having plenty of sex. Sex is very good for both your physical & mental health, while romance is lovely, it's dead for alot of people.

In my opinion, if you don't have time or really don't want to commit to a relationship, you should strive for lots of sex. Casual sex and meeting up just for sex should be very common. Ofcorse be comfortable with the right person and consent should always be top priority.

But we shouldn't be shamed by society for having lots of sex with lots of other people. Having lots of sex should be encouraged.

Just to finish this up, I also think self love/masturbation should have no shame or guilt associated with it, and also encouraged. So go a head, enjoy yourself and love it, be proud of it!

I much rather have a BF/GF that masturbates often at home, than someone who works all-day and night!

I actually find someone who masturbates alot attractive 😍.