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just something ordinary

i don't know why everything has to be about someone special? you go and watch a series, it has to be about someone special, extraordinary, either one party is very poor, or very rich, you go and watch a korean drama, the guys are always hot, the girls r drop dead gorgeous, you go to read any stories online in platforms like wattpad and stuff, but there you go again, in every damn romance story the main leads are extraordinary in one way or other, either the female is bullied, or she stops others from bullying, she has 10 guys falling head over heels for her, the guy always saves her, she has a male best friend her entire life who has always stayed by her through thick and thin, but there she goes again like always, in every drama, movie and series, she will fall for the handsome, hot, rich, jerk....why people? for once i want to watch something, read something about ordinary people like me, who are not drop dead gorgeous, who does not have 10 men at her beck and call, someone single, just making her way through life, who falls in love with a common guy like her, not gorgeous, not handsome, not any extraordinary romance, just a normal one. is that too much to ask? even if i legit search on google " Stories about ordinary people" "K-Dramas about ordinary people" the shit that always come up is always about these extraordinary scenarios....i would be really glad if i get to read more realistic books like fangirl, or Eleanor and park... something thats raw, where people fall in love with people for the way they are, not for the way they look or for their status...