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Just Things

So basically my whole family are heavy Christians and I really don’t know what I believe in, but I do know that I support BLM, I’m pro-choice, and I’m okay with LGBTQ+ people; but a big problem is that I am a democrat in a family full of Republicans. My only family member that agrees with me is my older cousin who’s being disowned by many of our family for being a lesbian. A lot of my family believe that if your a girl you should be a housewife so they as expected were appalled when I said I wanted to go to college, I would be the first generation to go to college. On top of that they can’t fathom why I don’t want to live in America, Canada, or England (I want to live in Korea). All my family on my mums side pressures me a lot because of me being the first generation to be born in America. It’s overwhelming and they don’t consider my mental health and smack talk my generation (Gen Z) in front of me. Is it wrong to be considering cutting off some family and wanting to move out as soon as I turn 18? My family says it’s rude and horrible to cut off family and move out quickly but I don’t see the problem because it’s my decision. I sound really entitled but I just can’t talk about this to anyone and this is years of bottling up my emotions and my thoughts.

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I'll give you the advice ive heard given to others. Dont do anything that threatens your security. If they are providing food and shelter, just play the game. Also reduce as much stress and toxic influence as much as possible. When you can safely move out you can adress that bridge then. But be true to yourself and play the game. You may not like where you are. But for example dont sacrifice food and shelter just to go on a date. If someone will judge you for liking something they don't, and it doesnt effect them and its legal, then you have to wonder where its coming from. Keep in mind that people say things out of fear, hate, love and possibly other places. You dont know whats in their hearts a lot of the time. Take care of your necessities first then upgrade your life when its safe to do so. There's a difference between needs, wants and desires. If we are in the woods, we need health, we want shoes and we desire boots. That's an example. Take care of your needs first. They may come around they may not. Thats not on you either way. You arent responsible for them. Look for groups and resources in your area to help with your specific situation. You'd be surprised, I think, at how much help is out there. Emotional and otherwise.

Family are just other people. You are only alive for a limited time. Spend the time you have with good people, whoever they are.