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Just too fat (HELP!! 😭)

Writing all this will be in vain cos no-body is even going to reply, or at least read this, but If you read, and reply, Thank u. So let me just start................

I'm just too fat, I look at myself and feel like dying right in front of the mirror, I'm always trying to download these exercise apps, but I always uninstall them, after 3 days, the highest I've reached is only 4 days, I feel like a blob of dirt mixed with acne, stretch marks and ugliness, I'm looking for ways to help me slim down, but I can't, I just can't stop eating, you might not know how this feels since most of you have the right shape, hourglass figure, beautiful, all those nice stuff, it's sad you know, I mean I just want to slim down, naturally, I'm not even determined, my eating habits are the worst, I can eat up to 10 times a day, I can't go to any gym cos of COVID-19 and my parents don't know I'm suffering from this, I can't even not cry when I see my self in the mirror, I try to cover up by wearing baggy clothes, but I STILL LOOK FAT! Please this is my story, if you're kind enough, please drop a reply, I seriously need help, I'm dying out of obesity. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”

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Re: Just too fat (HELP!! 😭)

Hey don't worry i got you! I feel the same right now and i know it's Hard. First of i think stretch marks and acne are a beautiful thing! Don't be fooled by the "beauty standart". If you want To lose weight try your Best To cut out any sweets and unhealthy things from your diet. Your body is used To getting those nasty foods so that is why you are craving it. anytime you feel like eating extra stuff, breathe and drink water. Water is importand. I always keep a waterbottle In the fridge next To the soda stuff. You can eat a little big of sweets once or twice a week, but try avoiding it. You do not have To, but go outside and try difrend things like Viking, biking, running, yoga... So many options! Remember, results are not going To Show Off In just a day or few weeks or a month. It takes time, ok? I trust you and i'm here for you! If you need To talk then tell me, ok hun? I know losing weight is Hard. But you got this! 🌸🌿

So, usually eating disorders, or other habits that negatively affect us reflect the mind. I do think you should decide, based on your careful judgement, to tell you parents that maybe you might need to get a therapist. Other than that would be, society's standards for beauty are unfair. There's body positivity yes, but you have to also care for the mind, your mental health.

So, the first step would be, is self-acceptance. I actually watched a video in my fb newsfeed about radical-self-acceptance over body positivity.

The difference would be, because society saying "all bodies are beautiful" it puts emphasis on beauty again, now more so.

Rather, it should be that all body shapes are valid, and are neutral. So, maybe you should talk to your mirror, or yourself that "I'm valid, my body is valid."

The first step to growth would be to accept yourself; for you can only grow so more if you learn love yourself!!

If I sound nerdy, it's because I am, and I hope I do give you validity; like you go honey!!

Godspeed this warm millennium! (name that reference :) )

Best wishes!!

-Soon-to-be-18, Bi-Teen.