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Just Too Much Right Now

Just feeling overwhelmed, and Not Okay. I'm waiting on confirmation from my Dr to see if I have cervical cancer. I have 4 kids, an adopted adult daughter who's not speaking to me, 2 girls in school, and a nursing toddler. I work 2 jobs and Im the sole financial support of my family, my husband is SOOO lazy and downright mean sometimes and always puts his habits and hobbies ahead of the family. I do all the cooking and cleaning except when I get the kids to help if they're not at their dad's, and if I get to brush my teeth and shower in the same day its a miracle. My ex is trying to take away the very small bit of extra time I managed to secure in our original divorce because his shiny new childless wife is a "certified teacher" who is therefore more qualified to parent my daughters than I am while he continues his long tradition of ignoring them. My car is in the shop for $3000 in repairs and my husband's needs new brakes and new tires and a new windshield. I turn 40 this year and have no idea if I'll live to see any of my kids get married or have kids, or if I do whether the medical costs will bankrupt the family (for a 2nd time). Or if we will all even survive this pandemic. I'm not suicidal but I definitely can't keep going like THIS. Something has to change before I break.

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Re: Just Too Much Right Now

Woah, hey hey hey. Everything is hard. I grew up in a household that was super abusive. Its really hard to change your mistakes when everyone tells you too and they don’t themselves no matter how much they promise. You might need to take more drastic measures but it’s totally up to you. Leave your husband. If it really doesn’t work out, it may just hurt you eventually more. You adopted child doesn’t like but for sure she can take care of herself. Do regular check ins. Go to the police with your ex. He has no right to do that to you and your children. I hope this really helped you and helped you find happiness:)

Please don’t give up, these kids need you. Everything will change for the best eventually. Seek help please. Seek help from extended family, from a gofundme website or any institution, seek help from God! Don’t give up… you can do it, you can get through this and everything bad will come to an end soon and the sun will shine for you again. Sending you love, hugs and prayers ❣️