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Just Venting

I don’t get some people. One of my roommates has 16 yr old son. They don’t pay rent or utilities.

She had a good job but got mad & punch boss in face. Now another lady here is buy her groceries & a $25 pizza every day. I have very little to eat but she keeps cooking all my vegetables & eggs. That leaves me crackers & water.

I’m extremely disabled. But I got out & helped the old owners of house. We shoveled; & prepared for heavy rain. All day working while they play video games.

We clean the house. They never do. I help her son home school when she can’t. They get up playing loud rap & video games from 11pm till 5 am. They cook & laugh & talk loud.

They will not flush. Stop up cam-ode. They leave shower water on floor. Don’t wash dishes or clothes. Don’t buy soap & stuff. Don’t fold or hang own clothes. They leave snot Kleenex everywhere. Drop wet towels & dirty clothes everywhere. Leave trash everywhere. Cause ants. Will drop trash in floor & leave it. Insist on best parking space by door. She’s only 32. An old lady & rest is walk up hill in dark.

I heard her ask roommate for a pizza & more groceries yesterday. Then she went & booth fast food from 3 places. Today bought more fast food; went & got there hair cut & styled in someone’s house & paid for it. Bought hair products.

Came home & someone had ate a takeout item out of fridge. They’d ended up throw it away. But she saw it was gone & start complain to the old lady since her husband probably ate it. Said it had to be him or me. I don’t eat take out. I have a disease.

They are sweet. But so rude.

Sorry; just needed to vent.

Oh yeah; if I get Covid I’ll die. She left us to watch son as she went to beaches. Then to parties. Wore no mask. Comes back sick. I suggest she wear mask. She say she’s fine. I lock self in room & wear mask in house. They laugh at me. Me & man avoid get it. She gave it to rest of house. They better. She went off again once virus free again. Uuuggggg