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Just venting please do not engage

No advice needed but I feel like a parasite :)) To give a bit of context, I graduated from university 2 months ago and had a part-time, low-paid internship until exactly 1 month ago. The pay was, well, low, but the work was interesting, however I secretly quit because I could feel myself spiralling down a depressive/burn-out episode, which was seriously affecting my performance and personal life (not that I have one). Anyhow, any mention of "job", "salary", "money" instantly catapults me into panic, yet it happens everyday. My parents would lament on and on and on about how my job was shitty and I need to make more money, which I understand, I've been leeching off them long enough. They would make hint after hint, suggestion after suggestion about people they know who are doing well, references from acquaintance of an acquaintance, veiled in "It's okay if you want to continue! (But we'd rather you don't.)" I knew they care about me, but I can't help feeling resentful (Because aren't things supposed to go in my pace like you said?) and ashamed (I know I'm just scared and insecure, and at my worst, I'm not proud to say that I secretly accuse them of not giving any fuck to me as a person, but rather as a source of debt). And to top that, I feel like I barely made it through a depressive episode, only to land right in another one.