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Just want to say sorry

Hey, you can call me Dave. I'm from India. I'm a very sports loving person and work as an guidance executive at an IT company. Recently I've injured my shoulder joint real bad so I have to take a break from the gym for a certain period and due to lockdown I lost my job too. So, depression hugged me as every other people on this planet. I was kinda thinking about my last which was my even first relationship. It's like 2 years we broke up. I was thinking about it for a couple of days but suddenly another thought came in my mind which I almost forgot. There was another girl before my first relationship in my life. Her name was Suparna Mondal(this is her actual name and she lives near Salt Lake city). We were in 11th grade, my every friend was getting in relationship so I thought I should do that too. It was like a fun play to me then and can't blame it I was only 15 then. The girl was from my class we were pretty good friends, one thing leads to another and you know the rest. After a few weeks I was kinda get bored from the game bc I was just a kid to understand about relationship. And I broke up. But, it wasn't a game for her. She was damn serious about our relationship. I can say that by remembering some of her last texts she sent. After that she took a active leave permission from school to skip the classes and attend the exams only. After 12th's final was over I never saw her again. After that 2 yrs later I fall for someone and was having a very happy relationship. After 4yrs of relationship suddenly everything falls apart I wasn't that much valuable to her and I broke up due to my self respect. Now I'm 23 and today I can relate the two incidents together. I feel like karma hit me pretty hard this time. Once I played with someone's heart and after a few years the same happened with me. Suparna was lucky bc she lost her love after a couple weeks but I lost mine after 4 yrs. So, the longer it is the more it hurts. I searched about her at every social media with her name but I didn't find her. I don't have her phone number anymore so it's kinda tough for me to find her. I wish wherever she is and whatever she's doing she is happy and I really owe her a big apology. I just want to say sorry for being dumb that time. Anyone knows her please contact me on: sdeb911@gmail.com.