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I don't have good friends. They are never happy for me when i achive something good in like. they have been so fake to me since childhood. I am so stupid to realise everything at the age of 21. i do not share my emotions with my family because they think I am strong, funny and a carefree person. I don't want them to know how hurt I am. so I share things to my boyfriend. but now even he does'nt give a damn, he cares about himself. I have earned so much respect pubically but not by my friends and my boyfriend.

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i almost cried when reading this, because i am going through something very similar and i have never found someone to word it as closely to how i am feeling currently. pls don’t be too hard on yourself. just by reading this short little bit about you, you seem like a lovely person. pls never forget the talents that u do have!!