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Just wanted to write this down

I’m not sure if anyone will read this but I feel shit and want to write it out.I always see things like Instagram posts and tik toks etc where it’s like “aren’t you glad your attempt didn’t work” and I always think no,because it wouldn’t make any difference. I attempted a little over 2 weeks ago and no one even knew.I went to bed expecting to never wake up again,but I woke up. It’s didn’t give me hope.I didn’t think it was a sign.all I thought was I’ll have to do something different next time.and no one even knows.no one tried to stop me and no ones making sure I don’t try again. Then again what did I expect I’m a worthless,selfish person who’s too ashamed to ask for help so do I think I deserve it. Anyway that’s all

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Re: Just wanted to write this down

I know the disappointment of waking up. When all you wished for was oblivion. Life continues and no one knows but you. I've never felt worth while and as a child I would cry wishing I was Dead, I never told anyone when I was young. There are people around you who care and wish that you would confide in them. Talk about the deep issues why you think you act out. Just be careful who you trust