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Just wondering

Why do girls hate dating guys who are blind?

because in my experience win I ask a girl out it always come back as a rejection

is it because they do not want to or how to do win dating a blind guy

or what idk girls on hear would you or will you date a blind guy?

any advice for me to get a girl if I am blind?

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you will ever remain a lone live with it just live with it I am not being meme just real you sed to reply so that is what I am doing you need to see that oh right you can not see you are blind jerk you will ever be alone and win people lie to you win they say there is a fish out there for every one so what are you going to do about it what oh right you can not because you are blind

There's alot of effort and sacrifices to be made dating someone with a disability.

I don't know how you will meet women if your blind, they will most likely meet you.

I guess it really does depend on how it will work out, can you imagine being with someone, not seeing them, not seeing your kids or helping out with anything in the house?

That just sounds like alot to take in and not much people are capable of doing that.

But i'm going to tell you something..

One of my older cousins is blind, I don't know exactly when she lost her sight, but her boyfriend guides her through life.

You'll see him doing everything with her and for her, but like I said, it doesn't come without sacrifices.

Now my question is, how are you going to find my reply?

This is the Blind person of this Original post

Well yes I know that is sad not knowing what you look like

you are right win you say there ar challenges to date people with disability but at the same I think that there are benefits of dating people with disabilities you know like for instanc being mor organized

how I find your reply is like any other person