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Keep thinking of it, need advice.

Hello, I want some advice and honest opinions of what I'm about to share. I met this girl online and we got to know each other, (I'm also a girl). Anyways, we got closer and she asked me out online and I rejected her because I'm not sure if I'm bisexual and I've never been in a relationship before, I also didn't have feelings for her. We kept chatting like normal, although tbh it was more like flirting even though I saw it as just kinda going with the flow but I was stupid and then we got even closer and she sent me a nude of her (it was just a thigh pic, nothing crazy but still a nude), our flirting or I'm not sure what to call it continued and I asked to see the same picture quite a few more times so she should would resend it. (no I didn't do anything with the picture, I just smiled and then continued talking with her) Later on, she asked me out again but I rejected her again as I was still confused on whether I was bi or not, had feels for her or whatever, so she asked to stop the flirting and I agreed (although I said I found it more like going with the flow and just being nice but It was probably 100% flirting for her and I was just stupid) I said sorry many times but I'd obviously hurt her, our friendship fell through and we haven't talked at all, which is for the best. I am sorry (guilty is probably a better word) for how I'd handle it because I feel like I could have done better, much better. This happened a few months ago but it keeps coming back to me and I can't get it out of my head and its bothering me so much, I don't intend to try to talk with her again because she doesn't seem like she wants to talk with me either. But I wanted advice on how I could maybe stop letting it bother me so much because I cannot change the past, I don't want to completely forget it but rather come to accept that I made a mistake and take that and learn and grow from it. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Keep thinking of it, need advice.

write her a real apology. i was in the exact same situation and it kept bothering me until I reached out again and rest explained how I felt. i mentioned how i was scared and confused and not sure how i was feeling but i said i was sorry for stuff and she said something about respecting my boundaries and sorry for going to fast and stuff.

we’ve stayed friends and she helped me find a label that I felt comfortable with and it’s cool.

i know you said that you didn’t want to talk to hear again but i couldn’t stop thinking about it until i reaches out and told her what happened on my side

i hope this helps somewhat :)