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Keeping Secrets

I came out to my mom 7 months ago about how i was bi and we were talking about it yesterday in the car and she said, “I just feel like you aren’t really though and that it’s just a phase.” And it low key broke my heart. I just laughed it off but every time i think about it i want to cry. She has no idea how much it hurt me and i don’t think she cares. Idk what to do i just feel so lonely. She did the same thing months ago when i told her i was suicidal. i feel like she’ll never listen or believe what i’m saying. I've been keeping all these secrets from her and she keeps telling me that i can always talk to her but it feels like i really can’t. I’ve also tried to tell her about my half brother who sexually abused me but every time i want to tell her i think about how she hasn’t listened to me before. i know one day i’m going to explode, i just don’t know what to do.