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Ketchup, Chips and Fries, Oh My!

Hello, Im a lunch lady.. well lady seems a stretch but i guess cafeteria worker isn't very glamorous either. Ive been at the same school for seven years.. watched kids traverse thru freshman year to graduating seniors. Most are average kids. Some are real little shits lol yeah Im laughing cuz theyre the ones that change the most.

My first day as a cashier, one kid thought he'd show off to his buddies and sang the toostie roll song at me. He was trying to embarrass me but he wasn't expecting it when I laughed and told him I hadnt heard that song in a "fat minute." It couldve gone south real quick but he bounced back with a witty remark and he became one of my favorites. Everyday he'd sing at me trying to shock me but all he discovered was that this white chick knew more music than he did.

Another kid, a tall pale white boy with sunken in Tim Burton eyes, made me inwardly cry everyday. He was so quiet and sweet, Idk why but I just wanted to hug him and ask if he was ok.. I just had this feeling that things were hard for him at home.

Some of the girls are shockingly slutty. Openly too, and I never realized what they did for the drinks and snacks the guys bought them. So much goes on in high school now.

Idk but when I was a kid, things were just different. We never wouldve openly spoke to adults cussing or mentioning sex or drugs.. the culture is so altered. Like mixed media art, today's youth is just layered trash with glitter glue and paint. But.. there are gems hidden in the dirt. I see them every year. The unlikely ones too, often Im surprised. Those are the ones that carry our hope with them.

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Re: Ketchup, Chips and Fries, Oh My!

Its the LUNCH LADY ! Got a warning from principle Thompson for shootin rubber bands at ya in 74..LOL..That Cat can flat lay 3 licks on ya too. One UP to sting, one DWN to burn, one full head on to HURT LIKE HELL...LOL.. Dont know if you go back that far but wanted to cruise by sayin I can TESTIFY about your "back in the day" rant... Good to hear about those "Gems"as well ...No hard feelings I hope....???...LOL

I the difference between the past generation and this is really big kids are growing up so fast at the of 12 I was just playing and kid that have twelve now are doing somethings that I couldn't imagine

It's really sad but that just my opinion.

I think technology is in part responsible for the fast growing