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Kids are mean

Why are kids at school so mean to me? I never bother anyone. I don't disturb the class. I mind my own business and do my school work. But kids make fun of me all the time. I do my best to ignore it and I save all my years until I come home. Just because I don't have the right clothes or money it's like they think I'm from another planet or something. Next year I will be starting high school and I regret it. I'm not looking forward to it if it's anything like middle school.

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Re: Kids are mean

I'm in middle school too and I'm popular. Very popular! I'm a cheerleader, straight A student, teacher's pet, guys want me, girls want to be me. I've seen enough losers in my school to definitely know one and we'll that's what you are, you're a loser. Don't worry. No one pay you any mind in high school except to remind you that you're a loser. Sorry but the truth hurts and it's hard

To the first replier---

Fuck you. Being popular in middle school isn't gonna be important later on in life lmao.

You're a shallow little bitch and I hope karma gets you good. 😍✨🙈


To the Original Poster-- again, being popular is not all its cracked up to be. Just be yourself. You don't need other people's approval. I'm rooting for you. It'll be okay. Keep your head up, your crown is slipping.👑