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Kids knows best

I'm currently working from home right now and earlier I was troubleshooting something. I was already getting frustrated because nothing I do works! It was getting to the point that I was ready to scrap everything and start over or just call it a day. Then, my seven year old nephew peered over my shoulder and pointed out one little detail that I have not seen in the hours that I was toiling away. Problem solved and I owe it to a kid!

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Re: Kids knows best

Sometines the best solution comes from those who arent bound by our presuppositions or mental baggage. They see a goal and bam. They dobt have to know the whole box thinking "this is how you are supposed to do xyz". Thats the beauty of an innocent mind. We need to be careful to never lose that side of ourselves. Just because something is usually or always done a certain way, it doesnt mean thats the only way to do things. Children are creative by nature. We should always encourage that