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Killed a Baby bunny

My bunny gave birth to 4 babies.

Out of which one could never wack. It use to crawl on his back. Everytime. It couldn't drink milk with help . One day when I went near the nest for feeding mother I saw that newborn was not breathing. I pinched it's ear it moved them. I tried everything I could to keep it warn. But due to lack of knowledge I couldn't keep him warm properly. I waited till 2 more days. Suddenly it stopped drinking milk . It was like dead but only use to respond when I pinched his ear . This new born's eyes were not open yet. It was 10 days old. I did not knw what to do...the place where I was did not have any vet.

The only thot came to my mind was that even if magically he survives he won't be able to walk and will be on medications and pain . So I thought instead of waiting till it completely dies I should put him out of his misery . So I buried him . It was almost dead but it was alive. I feel I've killed my baby Rabbit...I should've waited... my lack of knowledge killed it . I've done a sin. I don't knw how to get over this feeling.