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Kinda in need for some reassurance (as per usual...)

So what do you exactly call it when you have this crippling, ‘hanging around’ fear of not being good enough and other issues such as being way too impatient, crying randomly at times (only when I’m alone) while hiding it all over due to the fact that people around me deemed me as ‘smart’ and that I shouldn’t be having troubles?

like I always felt like I should be concerned about this and talk but whenever I mention the word therapy to my father (who is the only person I can try to go to if I want to talk) he just idk... belittles my feelings in a way and my impatience kicks in and his impatience kicks in and it doesn’t end well so

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Re: Kinda in need for some reassurance (as per usual...)

Maybe it's anxiety? There's nothing wrong with it. Sometimes crying makes you feel a little better, since you manged to let it out. If you have that fear of "Not being good enough", know that no one thinks that of you but yourself, and you have to come to terms with the fact that yes, you are good enough. As for your father who you try to discuss therapy with; I understand how you feel. My father is the exact same and what I've had to do is just help myself because no one else would, but I know that it's hard to go through things like these by yourself. But you should know that your feelings are valid. You may feel useless and like you should be better, but just know that it's okay to feel sad once in a while, because you can get back up and keep fighting because you are strong, and you are brave. There's nothing wrong with having troubles, nobody is perfect after all. Know that you are loved and that people care for you, even the people you least expect. <