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Kinds of love that i want

How to find someone a man in the movies i watch? i want a sincere love a faithful love a pure love a beautiful disaster of love a love that grows i just want that kind of love, its so hard to keep my feelings like this when will i meet my right man in my life? I wish i could have a man like in the movies. Let me tell you guys a short story Im just done watching a drama episodes the title is Love 020 you know that movies is so amazing and romantic their love is so sincere and true to each other aaah i just want that kind of love you should guys watch love 020 its very beautiful.

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Re: Kinds of love that i want

Hi there. I used to feel the same way. If you keep anticipating this true love to just waltz into your life like in those movies, it ain't gonna happen hon'. Things like that take time to appear. I never thought I'd find my true love and it just suddenly popped up one day.

Now to hit the 300 letter requirement lol...