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Know my worth.

There has been a lot going on in my life lately. Especially within myself. I am fighting battles in my head from when I was a child still. I didn't have the easiest upbringing but I don't use that as a crutch or excuse at all. If anything I use it more for motivation. All of that family I have basically cut off. My son doesn't know who they even are. He will never experience the traumas I did. Anyways, back to now. I have recently lost my job because I am mentally unstable to be able to work a 9-5 40 hour a week job. I get this from my grandmother. I just recently started my own business, and I have join in a collaboration with another upcoming business. I have created this business from the ground up. I am the ideas behind the whole project, I do all the research, the designing, planning, I take the pictures, I am this business. I have never had a problem up until now. The "creator" of this other business I am collaborating with has decided that she is upset with me and goes to run her mouth. Very unprofessional by the way. Well, she has people telling her to remove me from the group, and her response to them is " I can't do that." Well that's because without me she has no plan, no vision, she will have no business. I am in the process of getting my logo I made for the business copyrighted and then I will be leaving the project. I will always respect myself more then a "job" no matter what it is. I am worth more.