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in my whole life i didnt want anything bad for ppl.

but now i feel like some don't deserve what they have and also

loneliness these days,it's rlly loneliness, i dont even have somone to talk to, and im at age that its weird ,

i kno i have depression and anxiety and all the shiit things on me , but i still need someone to beloved and belong to..

i dont kno what the fuck is going on , i wanna have a future. that is a thing that i dont have right now and im trying ,

but its not enough, sometimes it feels like im not enough for myself, for this living or anything

i wanna try and migrate some other country, but i dont even have money for visa right now .

and even gettin the visa money will took alotta time in here.

ppl lives got so machiney.they live on a specific line.

it hurts that i want to change it . but i cant

i wanna have someone so near to me. i want someone to be my home , and also i dont wanna be alone

and some ppl have all the day with alotta ppl around them but all the day i don't even have someone to chat with for a few minutes,

which is seems impossible .