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Lane Kiffin

College football used to be a training ground for war. Control the ball. Run the ball. Defense. Pay if you gambled too much.

TV changed it like it changed politics. Rules to protect QBs in the pocket led to rules to protect their WRs over the middle. Some offensive players were so important we had to protect them when they took risks. That’s like asking the enemy to spare our special forces during an invasion. Don’t shoot them, we just want to take out your stuff. LOL.

But most never serve in the military. Wars just a game to them. Fast paced commercials rushes the mind. That led to fast paced movies & shows. Then video games. And now real games.

Rules to protect QBs who won’t stay in the pocket. Rules to protect all offensive players. Rules to help Os move the ball. To protect inaccurate mobile QBs on the run.

Football is just a circus now. Wide open basketball on grass. Lane Kiffin gets that. Like Hugh Freeze & Gus Malzone. Chip Kelly. They exploit the rules to the max. Hurry up. Throw everything at the D.

It allows for wild crazy upsets. Complete chaos. No long term strategy. Just swing wildly for 60 mins & hope you win.

It’s rare to see a team like that win a title. They can just as easily lose a game they should win as win one they should lose. But it’s fun to watch.

Some got mad when this fun & gun hurry up spread stuff started exploiting the new silly rules. I just got my popcorn & enjoyed the show. The rule was passed so teams like Oklahoma & Nebraska couldn’t just over power weaker teams any more.

I read the stats & watched the highlights. LSU & Alabama were two of the last old power run teams to change. It was funny watching them try to keep running the ball against the new pass happy rules. But last yr I watched LSU light up the scoreboard to a title. True; they look like crap this year, but they hung a banner.

I read the stats. Ole Miss lit up Alabama. But Alabama lit up the pin ball machine even more. They out gun & gunned Lane Kiffin.

Lane is a fun coach. He will pull upsets in the future. He will also get blown out at times. Sports are just games for our amusement. Unless your in them don’t take them serious.

It’s like movie stars & singers. I pay them to entertain me. I don’t care what their political views are. I just want to laugh & smile. If they want to get ulcers worrying about climate change they can. I’m just here to watch the circus we call life.

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Re: Lane Kiffin

”Unless your (you’re by the way) in them don’t take them serious.”

It sounds like you could use a little bit of your own advice.

Why do I need 300 characters when I can say what I want in 1/4 of that? Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Some people like to read about football. Calms their mind. That’s my point.

I used to design malls & large buildings. Then I helped build stuff for space. Lots of tiny details. Lots of boring reports.

I have 7 degrees. Lots of long boring papers.

I used to hunt. Many hours waiting in a tree to shoot an animal 300 yards away.

You young people are conditioned to go fast. Games. TV. Go go go. That’s why so many of you are depressed. Patience.

Slow down. Watch the show of life around you.

If your bored don’t read it. But can you read a good book? A movie is someone else’s interpretation of an idea. It’s limited by the tools they can use & a budget. If you read a good book your mind can create much better images in your mind.

I’m trying to teach some of these young people to slow down & relax.

Oh. By the way. I ran many touchdowns. Hit many home runs. Won many races.

I grew up with people who played college & pro sports. And their friends. I’ve dunked on someone I later watched on TV.

Sports were just part of my life. You don’t have to be interested in them. But find something you are interested in.

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