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Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss

Lane is a great hurry up O coach. His problems have always been off the field.

A large big 12 program should have grabbed him.

He will have upsets in sec; & lose games he should win. His style fits new rules; but when you play fast & loose not only can you beat anyone, but anyone can beat you.

Alabama was impressive on O. Best O I’ve seen this year. But Ole Miss D is terrible.

What I saw wrong with Alabama D. They are young. Out of position. Two men going under receivers. One going for pick.

The NFL loves their players cause use NFL playbook. But did you see the confusion when Bears went hurry up? They were out of position.

They need to develop a base defense to use against the hurry up. Yes it will give up yards. But slows it down & increases odds of stop drives.

Lane will do well at Ole Miss; but here’s my opinion. OK HC should goto NFL. Lane should take over either OK or TX

At Ole he will always accumulate 3-5 losses every year in the Uber competitive sec. Look at Jimbo. He owned the ACC at FSU. Yet with an unlimited budget & huge fan base he’s mediocre at Texas A&M.

Every SEC program pays for facilities; HC’s , & assistants. All have fanatical fan bases. Crazed college football states. Other than Vandy it’s a cage fight every conference game.

Lane would be wise to go out of conference. Specifically to a Big 12 team.

I’ll throw this at you. Michigan. Could you imagine Kiffin leading Michigan in the BIG? Great idea. Never happen. Wolverines live in past.