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last day

hey. i want to unexist myself. i dont have friends. i try so hard to help them. they didnt say thanks.. and you know i gonna leave this note for all my loves.

dear mom.

i dont know if you gonna really read this after i go. i really love you. you know i really appreciate even small things you did to me, do know that okay ❤️

im so sorry if you dont ever feel like i didnt appreciate all your efforts, im really sorry that i was so shy and cant speak anything. im sorry, i just scared of everything. i love you so much, mom, really.

im sorry if one day i need to leave you behind. im sorry. i do love your cooking every time you cook for me. especially the potatoes. thanks for raising me till this age.

dear dad

thanks for everything you did. i really love you. i know you really tried to get what i want, and i really love what you gave to me. the efforts are really pure.. i love you. thanks for always being there for me dad

thanks for all the hardworking. you're the most hardworking person ive ever seen. sorry if i did make you sick. sorry i just feel empty.

lastly, im sorry that one day I'll leave you behind. i hope there are peoples who gonna cheer you up in the bad days. love you dad. keep working on good things, even im not there for you. ❤️

for my dear siblings,

im so sorry if one day I'll leave you. i will miss all of our memories we made together, yes i will, because you guys are my best partners in games

thanks for everything you guys did. i appreciate it and i will never forget the things you did. thanks for helping me. i do love you guys

please remember that your loving sister will miss you. eat well and dont cry, because youre tough ❤️ take care of mom & dad. love ya

dear my friends.

hi of course for you guys. sorry if i did not have time to pay off the debt. i know im a foolish person and always forget things, im sorry. and if i did bad things to you guys, i dont meant it. im just scared and did it without thinking twice.

sorry if i was too cold for you guys. im so shy and cant speak things. im worried about you guys. i tried to response to all your question sticker in insta. i really tried to please you guys. you didn't know aight how everyone's 7th grade did? mine? i dont have friends at school. because i was too shy and had low self-esteem. i dont have any confidence and insecure. because you guys are more pretty, perfect and everything

i know im not getting important for you guys. that i can see my friends seen my messages. its okay, everyones busy and rarely rest. but i want you to rest well. even if you arent my friend, I'm sorry if you had a bad day because of me. sorry that i cant please you. i tried to help my friends as much as i can. i do love you guys. please rest well and eat balanced foods ❤️ sorry i need to go

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Re: last day

please. don't do it. there are so many people out there that love you, even if you think they don't. there's always me, even though you don't know me, i love you and care about you. things can get better. you may doubt it, but it'll get better. killing yourself doesn't solve anything. you get one chance at life, and you don't want to cut it short. please don't do it. please. there are so many reasons to live.

Dear You,

I know it's hard. Life IS hard and it won't get better... if you won't be there to live your life. I know how you feel; tired, hurt, sad. Trust me, you don't want to go. You have a family that cares about you, siblings that look up to you, friends that have been there for you. So why? Why stop now? Why stop living? You're still young and you seem to be having a hard time, but imagine leaving this world. Leaving your home. You can't. You have to keep going and strive to overcome your fears. No matter what happens, you can do this. You might not have everything you want now, but you have everything you NEED. You're family and your friends that ARE there for you. So please, please don't give up.

Sincerely, A Friend

Don’t do it ! I don’t know why you shouldn’t but don’t. I don’t know if there’s anything to live for, if anything’s going to get better after this,I don’t know why I think I can ‘save’ you or at least spare you some time, I know life fucking suck , everything feels like it’s taking a piece of me every time I breathe, and that’s emptiness hurts and it constantly feels like Im missing something that’s stopping me from being truly happy or at least content with being me, I feel like life’s taken every good feeling I was supposed to have and left me with feeling I can’t get rid of and just waking up to a new day brings tears to my eyes because I want life to just stop, but I keep trying for the day I wake up and the pain stops and I can finally breathe without feeling the gaping hole in my chest. Reach out if you need to talk



i hope that i am not late, i just seriousllyyyy hope that i am on time before you did that unholy thing,

well firstly PLEASE DON'T TAKE AWAY YOUR OWN LIFE...PLEASE DON'T ... you deserve to live, yeah its true... we all are facing depressions and anxiety , but you gotta be strong, you gotta be a warrior, let your story be told among people...

"this girl , despite all her hardships and anxiety, stayed strong in the toughest weathers, and here she is now, such a great person, now she is a <your dreams> "... you shouldnt quit... quitting isnt the solution...

quitting is for losers, cowards... and i you are not one of them ... dont quit please...

theres so many people who love you and care for you...

and if you feel you dont have any caring friends, alright, ill be one... reach out to me...(twitter-@arnadweep discord- Arnadweep#0139 telegram- @arnadweep2)

look around, there are so many people who love you, maybe they are too shy to say it, but they do really love and care for you...

also you have said about your friends not even thanking you for your efforts, well have trust and faith on "karma"

you had shown people love and care and gratitude... and trust me, one day you will receive love and care and gratitude...

also you mentioned that you love your parents, you love your mother... so now let me ask you a simple question...

wont your mother cry and burst into tears after see sees you lifeless???? dont you think she will harm her ownself???

and what if she learns about this letter you have written here...how would she feel after she learns about this???...she might end up taking her own life...do you want that to happen??? do you want to see tears in your mothers eyes???

just please dont do this unholy thing...

yeah, ik in teenage...people get these suicidial thoughts, it common... but you gotta be strong... you have to be a warrior ...

you have to fight this harsh weather...

you should embrace everyday of your life... you have everything you need to be happy, parents, siblings, friends...(if you need more friends, im always here :) ) just try to find ways to entertain yourself... play games with your siblings... go out on a walk...stroll in the roads...

also... try finding the thing thats eating you...try finding that thing which is giving you suicidial thoughts...

consult someone trustworthy... whether it be parents or siblings or friends or some elderly... but consult someone... seek for advices... and once you find out whats eating you, try removing that thing...

ik it will take time.... life is full of challenges... and you need to be really strong enough... and trust me...what lies ahead is a beautiful site...

just like after every night full of darkness... the sun shines brightly... in the same way...after every bad situation... lies a good one...

life is just like a book... maybe chapter 1 is sad, melancholic, boring, depressing... but if you stop reading the book how are you gonna enjoy the fantasies that lie ahead in the next chapters??? ... instead....just be brave and fight through these days...believe me...what lies ahead is a beautiful future :D

i hope that i am not late duh

P.S. i love you and care for you even though i havent met you or known you

**sending virtual hugs** <3