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last try

i finally got enough courage to overdose in t*****l today. i feel sad knowing that many others have tried to but i feel so happy for myself because i have finally made a decision that i know i wont regret. i feel like i have burdened everyone, i wish i did more for people. i wish i did more for the world. i wish i was loved and i wish i was good at something. i wish i had the freedom to fully live me youth. i wish my wishes could have come true but now i wish to die quicker. i feel hopeless i am happier now. i dont want to live any longer

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6 months ago

Re: last try

No please stop! I know you may think this is what you want but just stop and think. You said all the things you wished you did but you can still do those things! Don’t you have so many things you want to achieve in the future? You can have a family and bring more life into the world instead of taking an extremely important one out of this world. Please don’t do this! I promise you it will be the best decision you make!

Hey, I know life sucks sometimes and that at times you may feel like you can't anymore, that you're just a burden, trust me i have felt that way, i wanted to end my life many times but i didn't because I knew that there was more to my life, that this is just a small pebble in my pathway. I can promise you it will get better, take it from me, I've been in your place before. I may not know you but I love you and Im really proud of the person you are, no matter what, you're amazing! Please know that you can get through this, you got this babe!