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Le My first s*x experience

He removed my top

And slowly...

His hands were running through my


Hola!!! Sorry for interrupting your excitement 😁..im here to tell you something else.

Don't mind the title. Hehehe🤭

I have seen many of you guys have reacted to some posts like " having sex with brother" , "with strangers" etc etc

I wanna ask you a question to those guys who reacted so aggressively . Weren't you curious to read about those posts? Weren't you having lil fun while reading it?why don't you guys agree to this? We all love to have sex and we all like to read something which is related to sex. But what we doing is pretending to be good in front of others. Just pretending. Other ppl doesn't wanna know how much we want it. Yeah? Idk if those posts were real or fake but they had the guts to show their emotions, feelings and sexual desires. This is an anonymous site, anyone can write anything and everything. You guys need to calm your ass down and just read it. And i can prove whatever i said was true by seeing how many people open this post to read this just by seeing the title. We all are horny. We all are hooomans!🙃

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Re: Le My first s*x experience

Yes, you're somewhat right.

Some of us guys are 24/7 horny.

Me personally, was initially interested in that story you're talking about, yes I was curious to know more too...and I have no problem at all regarding incest or something, coz it's just hormones controlling a person.

But if we imagine that it was a guy, fu**ing his younger sister (even tho she was into it too), the guy will be facing the consequences. That's what I'm saying. I'm just saying, that the urge could've been controlled too.

I mean, many people have sexual encounter with their siblings, but at some point they stop realising they shouldn't do that right?

Yeah you are right.

And idk if you will again go through this post i wanna thankyou for responding honestly.

Have a good day ♥️

And im little bit disappointed because i have seen 25 views for this post nd im damn sure they all opened it to see some spicey story🤭but unfortunately im sorry guys.

I m disappointed because you weren't opening up. Only one person had the guts to say that whatever i was saying is true.

I wasn't encouraging sister brother sexual relationship. I was just saying what i felt . Because as you can see such posts have many number of views due to the interest. Even i read it. I was curious to know what she is gonna tell.

Anyways, we all want to prove clean infront of others yeah? 😁