Learning a lot about your narcissism

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I can’t believe how blind I allowed myself to become to it. Yes, you’re a narcissist M. Not a little bit either. I know you need to cheat and you thrive on chaos because that’s the only thing that’s real for you, it’s how you “feel”. I will always love you from far away... and my love wasn’t fake. I loved you. I’m sorry you’re so screwed up. I’m sorry that you don’t have feelings like a normal person.

Im experiencing your hoovering. I just need to remind myself that your love isn’t real. It’s like your not human.

not to mention the lying. Lies and lies and lies and lies. Your entire reality is a lie. I can’t partake in it anymore. If an alien needed to invent a human to lure men, I think it would look like you. Like you have so many things that make you feel human... you’re just missing that important part... a soul. A real living breathing person underneath that isn’t faking who they are for personal gain....

that doesn’t take anything away from how I felt about you. I cared about you, I loved you with my whole soul and heart, I loved the kids too... I loved our family. I’m sorry you needed to look for excitement and feeling in chaos. I wish you could have risen above it. I would have been there for you. To help you find happiness. Just needed your honesty. I know you tried once... even if somehow that was you love bombing to get what you needed... I will give you credit because you opened up you didn’t lie you told me so much about who you were inside. I’ll never betray that part of you... I wont do what you did to me.

I can’t talk to you anymore M. Love you always from a strong distance

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