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Leave or stay

So, I was backing out of a store and I guess I tap another car trunk. But I get out and this guy who saw (not the owner of the car) said I did because there was white on my car. The white was under my bumper where it couldn’t have touch the car, and I touched it and it was dried white paint. Then he pointed to a dent on top of the trunk. My car has a tail, but it doesn’t extend out that much, and even if it did my bumper is the only part of my car that extends out the farthest. The white car had no red marks, and my car has no white marks. There was a lady who saw the part where me and the guy was talking, so she came and checked after the guy left and said there was no red marks on the car either and that I shouldn’t worry to much. So I left. Should I have stayed and wait for the owner to come back and tell them that someone said I tap there car lightly or leave?