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Les Miles Kansas coach

Les Miles. He started at OK st. That’s an interesting school. I picked them to win the Big 12 this yr. one rich guy loads that school up. Like the Nike man at Oregon.

Well he did well. That led him to LSU. They are like the 20th best program in America or something. Not elite like Notre Dame & Oh St. But very good & recruit well.

Les had a great approach to football. Power run. Great D. Balanced with some pass.

Well I believe he won a Nati. I’m dizzy. But he did do great. They were like in too 3 programs in nation.

He would stand on sidelines grazing on grass. Eating. Not wise. The Mad Hatter. Entertaining.

Then they changed the rules big time. Les couldn’t adjust. So he went to Kansas. They are not good. Tells you much rules have changed.