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Let me just be dead then.

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Hi message for you. Me............

Oh no answer, surprise.

I KNOW it is possible to go back how we were, but right now it hurts, we are a galaxy apart from a few months ago when things were so different, now I have a battle to even have a tiny hope in hells chance of righting what i upset, but i am struggling, i am hurting, pain is manifesting with a physical hollow feeling, a dull ache from inside a shell of what i was.

I dont want this, i want what was, i hate life because i hate this.

It is a pain i never imagined and i cannot cope with it, wish it was all done nothing then but an end, no feelings then, just peace.

I may love you but i could totally accept not having that, i cannot accept so easily not being close at all, not even being liked anymore, it may be my fault but it hurts and i am going crazy because i need to fix it but if i try i could sever any hope, fear it is already too late, regret it is this way at all, hope is a miserable speck of light in a long dark tunnel but death would switch it all off,

Not gonna do something stupid but i do wish it just happened tonight, lights out for good no more pain.

My will to live is tied to the relationship i crave, without that what is there to even bother with life for?