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Let Me Off

Which one would she choose?

The ferris wheel, suspended on top, creaking as the gentle breeze caressed her face? Maybe the roller coaster, with its stomach churning doused in the loud background noise of screams? Or possible the water slide, with the cool refreshing slap of cold water to wake her from the nightmare?

Or was their a possibility of just turning around and going back?

To a time where their was hope, hummor, positive vibes for a future?

Time would tell some say.

Unfortunately, the truth hurts.

Time had already left its mark. The future was bleak and dark. She had gone around and around so many times no longer was their a feeling of awe. Now, life held a constant tightness and rocking feeling in the put of her stomach that left her malnurished, pale and tired.

No to the Ferris wheel.

The roller coaster. The tallest ride here. Shinny, new, an eye catcher with its twists and turns.

More to come.