Let's look at some facts here.

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The original website vigyaa.com is also yours. All 3 of you. I can see the writing similar there. So the friendship thing isn't new, this is old friendship and this is common project together.

The old ex wife thing, she got hit by Covid after dumping her boyfriend. Was stuck in a remote place with no job, and 2 kids to provide. Only way out, was to get that old guy back, so she can get money. But see she was in love with someone else too.

So best way she found to play with that scenario, is to bait the guy with a woman that she knew love him to. The first blonde tried to run away with him, which created chaos and broke a friendship. Cause she wanted him to stick around, not run away with another. That's where the devil, with her dedicated loyalty played in.

She has reason to stay there, with no job, no home, no study, nothing. She can go back to her old life, whenever she want. But she don't. And she can't throw away the old relation cause she need the money.

It was obvious the guy would discover at some point or try to run away. That's why her friends around, to keep him around.