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Let’s start a new thing

I’ve written stuff on here before and it’s usually about my crazy life that sucks and I don’t know anybody who has gone through what I go through. But today was a good day, well a good night and I actually want to put emphasis on it. Almost everything on here is deep and dark stuff but why not bring light to good events on here as well. I had a softball game tonight and I did really good. Usually I would feel like I sound like a cocky jerk saying that but I really am proud of myself. My coach told me that I won the game for us. They started me out pitching which I haven’t done in years and I actually did really good. I made a couple good plays while pitching as well. I also played first base and I made a double play to end the game (which we won) by jumping in the air and catching a hard hit line drive and stepping on first to get the other runner out. I also got a couple good hits and my hits knocked in a total of six runs, we ended with 7 runs so I knocked in almost all of them! My coach also said I had the best hit of the game. I was really happy with myself tonight and I hope to start a trend on here where people can talk about what makes them happy about themselves! Have a good day or night to anyone reading! :)