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letter to an old friend

hey. i know you'll never see this because you don't know it's me, but i miss you. a lot. i never really like guys to the point where i think about them as much as i think about you. i didn't realise i was in love with you until you left the school. that day at the festival where we said our goodbyes and you said we would hang out again i started to feel like i was going to miss you a lot. so i said goodbye to you and didn't even hug you and then that night i went and f***ed around with another guy. when a week later he told me he didn't really want to date me and didn't like me like he had that night i was so lost. you were gone, and i had tried and cover up my feelings for the guy i didn't even know that well and ended up falling for, then got my heart broken by. sigh. i wrote a song about you. the first song i'm proud of. i cry about you a lot. 5 months now you've been gone but it still feels like just yesterday i saw your face for the last time. the title of the song i wrote is, "miss you". one day when i choose to live my life i will record it and i hope it becomes a hit so you can hear it. we always talked about being in a metal band together. you were the only person in my school that liked the same music i did. the same bands i did. you made me feel less alone. but i feel more alone than i was before i first met you