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Letter to My Grandma Who Just Passed Away

I really don’t know how to express my emotions. But I guess something is hurting inside and I keep suppressing it. I have a lot of things to say to her. In this middle of pandemic, she’s just gone. That fast..

Dear Lola Lolit,

Sana makarating ‘to sa’yo. Kung saan ka man ngayon, just know na mahal na mahal na mahal kita. Sana you’re at peace and inaalagaan ka diyan ng mabuti. Sobrang nakakalungkot. Hindi ko malabas lahat eh. Hindi ko alam kung paano. God has a reason diba? Kung ano man reason Niya, I guess I will just try to accept that. Sorry lola kung marami akong hindi nasabi pa. Sorry kung wala kang proper na lamay dahil sa COVID-19. Pasensya na. I promise Lola to be good sa mga mata mo. I know you will always be watching from up there. I will make you proud HIHI. I love you so much, Lola. You made me the woman who I am today. Thank you so much for caring for me when I was little. You’re the first person to introduce me to God. Marami kang tinuro about plants and flowers. Thank you for all the learnings. I won’t forget you. You will always be in my heart. ❤️


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