Letting you go..

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I am writing the following things to let go of the person whome I liked alot but ended our relationship because of some stupid judgement.

I wanted to say this things to him but it's too late....

"I cared for you. I tried understanding you I just wanted to know you better wanted to come close to u. But instead you judged me all the time. And when I tried talking you wanting to clear things you pretend as if u didn't judged me. When initially we met u made me feel safe, lovable, respected but now all I see is hate for me in your eyes. I don't know what someone had told you about me. But I wish you at least once tried to open upto me I would have poured my hear out for you.

Sadly you were so blinded by ur ego, pride, friends gossips and judgement you didn't even listen to me what I was saying to you.

Now we don't talk anymore but I wished we could have ended things in good terms . I just want you to be happy and hope you get what you desire in your life.Today I am letting you go. And never to think about you again "

All the best for your future.