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I broke up with my old girlfriend a few years ago after a 6 year relationship we had since we were teenagers.

After breaking up, I decided to have fun instead of searching for a monogamous relationship. After some time, I came to a conclusion that sex can and is a trap, instead of pleasure.

Once I met a woman I'm with now, I still struggled to be loyal. I cheated on her twice and came to a conclusion this must end, now. The difficult part is, that the intercourses I had never satisfied me. It was just the adrenaline rush that made me do it. I deleted all the sites I used to speak to other woman and went looking for help.

For quite some time there was a fear in me knowing that I'm just a liar. Simple as that. I know what I done and it's time to face the problems.

This confession is my start to a better, trustworthy life.

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Re: Liar

Don't do it!!! Confessions are for priests.

I know that you think confessing will help, but trust me when I tell you this from experience all it will do is bring you more trouble.

You deleted the apps where you were meeting women for hook ups, so you've done what you needed to do.

If it makes you feel better, talk to a priest or minister and confesd what you've done.

Or hell, write about it here and let people respond at call you a no-good cheater.

But whatever you do, don't tell your woman, or you'll lose her or worse.